Ethical FAshion

Social responsibility and ethical fashion is at the forefront of The Groggy Owl's ethos. We all deserve better than mass-produced accessories. Read our blog to learn more about our sustainability efforts & mission towards a more ethical fashion industry. 

Handmade with love

Designed and handcrafted in Canada using a variety of materials and techniques, each piece is made with care. There's a certain charm that comes with handmade jewellery that you just can't get otherwise.

Zero waste collection

Shop the "Zero Waste Collection" for pieces made from plastic waste, recycled materials, and reclaimed fabrics that have been transformed into wearable art.  

Eco Friendly Packaging

From 100% recycled post-consumer paper jewellery cards, unbleached kraft paper boxes, to FSC certified & reclaimed, recycled and recyclable mailers, The Groggy Owl is committed to keeping our footprint as small as possible.


It's true what they say - when you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance! There is a never-ending supply of gratitude here at The Groggy Owl.